xplor the other side

Our Story

As people of the land and sea, we love to experience new places, new environments, new encounters.

We seek to discover the other side, we are xplor.

 Stitched in our ethos is a chance to make a difference to the planet. Our products are made to the highest ethical and environmental standards possible. We’re mindful of the materials we use, and apply sustainable, natural fabrics where we can.

Xplor believes that our lifestyle products should meet your individuality and they should be innovative, while respecting people and the planet. Our commitment to premium quality is matched by your desire for functionality, the perfect fit and timeless style. 

Xplor wetsuits and Ryan’s Dive Bag are just the beginning of many high performance products about to unfold, so stay on our journey as we outfit a better future together.

Yours in xploration,

Warren Bird, Riley Elliot, Nick Watkins

Founders // XPLOR